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Summer/Fall 2016

Along with our wine juices, do not forget to pick up our incredible (pasteurized with no sugar or preservatives added). Be sure to order some for the home freezer, canning and jelly purposes or as fresh juice to drink.

Another year has come and gone and after a somewhat mild winter Mother Nature has now delivered an extremely hot and sunny summer. If you know of any rain dances please feel free to do them near our property ☺ . In the meantime it is time to start planning your wine and grape juice purchases.

This year we have changed a few things and we will be offering Pinot Grigio wine juice for the first time! On the reverse side of this page you will find the full list of the wine juice varieties that we are offering along with their descriptions and the 2016 prices. Looking at this information, especially the descriptions and the timeline of when certain varieties are typically available, is often helpful when making your selections for this year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and we would be happy to make recommendations! Also, please keep in mind that referrals are always appreciated and we are happy to assist anyone who is looking to dive into the world of home winemaking for the first time.

Along with our wine juices, do not forget to pick up our incredible 100% Concord grape juice (pasteurized with no sugar or preservatives added). It is absolutely delicious and keeps very well in the freezer, by canning or being made into jelly. We strongly recommend ordering this juice in advance if you are planning to purchase 20L or more, as the summer heat has been having a strong effect on the size of this year’s Concord crop.

It is also important to note that due to the fact that the purchase cost of our pails has increased we are now charging a $6.00 deposit fee on each pail. This is still 100% refundable when a pail is returned, with the lid, in a clean and undamaged condition. Pails can be returned in season or next year.

We ask that you please place your order, along with your 25% deposit, before Sept. 1, 2016 to help us plan quantities and guarantee your order. Orders will be accepted after this date, but cannot always be guaranteed. Remember, anyone ordering mash must pay 100% in advance and pick up the mash soon after it is ready. Deposits can be made by cash or cheque, as well as by Interac e-transfers (see our website for details). If you would like to drop off your deposit, there is a bright red mailbox at our wine juice pick-up shed where you can leave your order. Orders can also be made through our website (note: this may be the best method if you have access in order to avoid any problems with the possibility of a postal strike).

We will call you when your order is ready, but if you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to call, email (orders@wileysjuices.com).

Please enjoy the rest of your summer, try to keep cool, and we will see you soon!